Celebrities At 45: Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry And Others Make It Look So Easy

The Huffington Post Canada   First Posted: 09/02/11 10:48 AM ET   Updated: 10/26/11 06:12 AM ET

Is 45 the new 30?

Halle Berry, arguably one of the world's most beautiful mothers, celebrated her 45th birthday last month at the beach, wearing a coral bikini and looking almost preternaturally gorgeous.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford also turned 45 this year, and shows off her figure to great effect in a skintight outfit on the September cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. She also just wowed the crowds at the Venice Film Festival, making us wonder how her skin stays so flawless -- all the time.

So it got us thinking: is something going on? Maybe 45 is the new 30, only better. There are several prominent women who are at the height of their careers, making a comeback, who are cancer survivors, raising families... and looking super-hot.

To test our theory, we created a gallery of well-known women who are 45 or turning 45 this year. See for yourself what the new 45 looks like.

Halle Berry
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Hottest mom alive Halle Berry says her secrets to staying young are focusing on family, hitting the gym and eating healthy. If it was that easy, we'd all look like Halle Berry.
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45 Is The New 30
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