09/10/2011 04:35 EDT | Updated 11/10/2011 05:12 EST

Vandals go on rampage in the Battlefords

A museum, school and grocery store in the Battlefords were trashed by vandals overnight, police say.

RCMP said they are investigating three incidents of vandalism that they believe took place late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

They are:

- Damage to the historical village at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford. Seven buildings were vandalized. Windows were smashed, doors kicked down and historical artifacts were destroyed.

- The Battleford Central School was broken into and there was extensive damage inside. Local school officials told police that classes would not be disrupted Monday, but staff will have to spent much of the weekend cleaning up.

- The Super A grocery store in Battleford was also hit by vandals. In that case, police said four suspects were caught and arrested.

"The suspects are young offenders and as such their names will not be released," police added.

The Battlefords are about 130 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon.

While police provided information about three incidents of vandalism, they did not say if the cases were related.