09/13/2011 01:47 EDT | Updated 11/13/2011 05:12 EST

REALITY CHECK: Liberal tax credit for new Canadian workers

The Liberals’ proposed $10,000 tax credit for new Canadians has been the defining issue in the campaign’s early going.

The plan offers the credit to offset training costs for new Canadian citizens who have been here five years or less and are in professions such as architecture, accounting or engineering.

The Liberals say the program is aimed at getting workers with credentials from foreign jurisdictions recognized so they can work at their professions in Canada.

Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservatives jumped on the tax credit right away, calling it an “affirmative action scheme.” At first Hudak accused Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty of putting “foreign workers” ahead of out-of-work Canadians, but he has since backed off that language and has shifted his criticism to other areas of the Liberal platform.

In this edition of his regular Reality Check segment, CBC’s Mike Wise takes a closer look at the Liberal tax credit for new Canadian workers, checking it against both parties’ claims about the program.

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