09/14/2011 01:57 EDT | Updated 11/14/2011 05:12 EST

Hudak wants online sex offender registry

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says the public should know where convicted sex offenders end up living after they leave prison.

At a campaign stop in Leamington Wednesday morning, Hudak met with families who he said "fought back" earlier this summer after they learned a convicted child sex offender was living near their neighbourhood school.

Hudak says that kind of information should be made public on the internet. He brushed off suggestions that making such information available to everyone could lead to vigilante justice.

“I trust parents like these to use that information responsibly to protect their own kids if they know that there’s a child predator in their neighbourhood,” Hudak said.

Won't increase safety, McGuinty says

When asked about Hudak’s plan, Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty said politicians should take their cues from the police.

“[Police] tell us that this particular approach is not the kind of thing that’s going to lead to more public safety, so I’m with them,” said McGuinty

The PC platform also calls for all high-risk offenders to wear GPS ankle bracelets so their movements can be tracked.

Hudak also called McGuinty a criminal coddler, for allowing prisoners to enjoy perks such as yoga classes and new poker cards.

Cable TV for prisoners — which was brought in under the Conservatives — was cancelled in April and the yoga classes are not funded by taxpayers, Liberal officials said.

CrimeStoppers provides playing cards in some provincial and federal institutions with their contact information to promote awareness around crime prevention, they added.

McGuinty also blasted Hudak for his promise to take inmates out of prison and put them on work details, such as cutting grass and cleaning up garbage.

McGuinty said such a plan would be expensive for taxpayers and put communities at risk.