09/15/2011 10:57 EDT | Updated 01/12/2012 02:10 EST

Hopley takedown captured on police radio tape

Dramatic audiotape from the police takedown of Randall Hopley on Tuesday reveals police were concerned -- at least for a few moments -- that he may have had an accomplice with him when he was arrested.

In the audio from the police radio, officers can be heard shouting moments after Hopley was discovered in an abandoned cabin at an old cement plant in the Crowsnest Lake, Alta., area by a police officer and police dog.

According to police, Hopley tried to make a run for it, heading for a nearby gravel pit, but was quickly taken down by the police dog.

"We got him. We got him," the unidentified officer can be heard shouting into the radio.

"We got him in custody -- end of the block -- bring up our car," he shouts.

"Keep hovering, looking for a second. Look for a second," he shouts, referring to an RCMP helicopter in the area overhead.

Later on Tuesday, police made it clear they believe Hopley was alone at the time of his capture.

Injured by canine takedown

Hopley, 46, made his first court appearance Wednesday in Cranbrook, B.C., 70 kilometres southwest of the town of Sparwood, which was gripped in fear for a week after three-year-old Kienan Hebert was taken from his home.

Hopley is accused of abducting Kienan from his home in Sparwood last Wednesday. Kienan was returned unharmed to his family home on Sunday morning.

Hopley's lawyer William Thorne said outside court on Wednesday that his client was injured slightly in the takedown by the police dog.

"I understand that he was taken down by a dog, so he's somewhat hurt, injured, but not too seriously. He's also very tired," said Thorne.

Hopley is charged with kidnapping, abduction of a child under 14 and breaking and entering. He's also been charged with two counts of breach of probation.

The judge ordered Hopley to be held in custody while he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial.

Thorne said Hopley has health issues "of various kinds," but it will be up to doctors to decide whether he has mental-health problems.