09/15/2011 12:16 EDT | Updated 01/12/2012 02:08 EST

Prosecutor attacked outside Prince George court

A B.C. Crown prosecutor was attacked outside the Prince George courthouse on Thursday morning, following a disturbance at a nearby homeless shelter.

The unidentified man was taken away on a backboard by emergency responders around 9 a.m. He was conscious, with blood on his side, but police said his injuries were not life-threatening.

Police say the incident began around 8:20 a.m. PT with reports of a man causing a disturbance at the shelter.

Witnesses told police the man was violent to staff, but had left the area. People staying at the shelter said a man brandishing a chair had smashed the windows.

Shortly afterwards police were called about the assault on the front steps of the Prince George courthouse and they arrested a 40-year-old man in connection with the attack.

Witnesses said the man appeared to know the victim and spoke to him before and during the attack, police said.

Police say the suspect is known to police and will likely face charges including aggravated assault. They did not say what kind of weapon was used in the attack, but said it was not a gun.