09/15/2011 04:06 EDT | Updated 01/12/2012 02:09 EST

Teen 'devastated' over York police officer's death

The lawyer representing the 15-year-old who was at the wheel of a stolen min-van that dragged a York Regional Police officer to his death in June said his client is "devastated" by the events.

Constable Garrett Styles was killed when he was dragged and pinned under a van during a roadside stop in June.

The youth, who was also hurt in the accident, remains in hospital, his lawyer David Berg, said in a Newmarket, Ont. court on Thursday.

He cannot be identified under the terms of the Criminal Youth Justice Act,

The teen, who was allegedly on a joyride with friends, has no use of his limbs but has partial movement in one arm and is now able to speak.

Berg also said his client was "devastated" about news of the death of the police officer.

The youth faces a first-degree murder charge and prosecutors said they will seek an adult sentence if he is convicted.

The next court date is set for Oct. 28.