09/16/2011 03:48 EDT | Updated 11/16/2011 05:12 EST

Convicted killer escapes healing lodge

A 26-year-old man who is roughly halfway through a 13-year sentence for a double-manslaughter conviction is on the loose in Saskatchewan, prison officials say.

Terrance Bear was an inmate at the Willow Cree Healing Lodge, north of Saskatoon.

Officials said they suspected he was missing around 11:30 p.m. CST Thursday night and quickly organized a head count.

They were short by one, and about half an hour later they phoned the RCMP detachment in Rosthern, Sask., to report an escaped inmate.

The Willow Cree facility is a minimum security healing lodge at Duck Lake, about 80 kilometres north of Saskatoon. It has a current population of 40, less one.

Officials said Bear began his sentence in 2005. In addition to the two manslaughter convictions, he was also convicted of possession of drugs for trafficking.

"The Correctional Service of Canada will review the circumstances surrounding the escape and work with the police to locate the offender as soon as possible," officials said in a news release.

They refused to provide a photograph of the inmate because of privacy concerns. Nor would they identify his home community. However, they did say he was sentenced in Prince Albert.