09/16/2011 10:55 EDT | Updated 01/12/2012 01:35 EST

LIVE: Charest will react to corruption report

The leader of the Parti Québécois is asking for the Quebec premier's resignation in the wake of a leaked corruption report allegeding organized crime connections and backroom deals in the province's construction industry.

PQ leader Pauline Marois said a clean up of the system must start with the depature of Premier Jean Charest..

She said organized crime and the Mafia had infiltrated the heart of the province's governments and institutions and she was "profoundly disgusted."

"In protecting the Liberal Party, Mr. Charest is protecting the Mafia and protecting organized crime," she said in French.

Charest says he hasn't read the leaked report, but is convinced his Liberal government is taking the right approach to fight backroom deals.

He rebuffed calls for an inquiry, reaffirming his faith in police investigators and other measures introduced to clean up the sector.

"For us, what's important is to attack corruption and collusion," Charest said. "We're not asking for a reality-TV investigation."

Charest used a formal news conference in Montreal Friday morning to comment on the scathing report from the province's anti-corruption squad, leaked this week to the media.

The report's conclusions dominated headlines all week, with polls suggesting a majority of Quebecers want a full public inquiry.

The premier repeated a list of measures enacted by the province, including new rules for political party donations and contract tenders.

His news conference comes as opposition parties renew calls for a public inquiry into allegations of collusion in the construction industry.

Charest was flanked by Transport Minister Pierre Moreau and Public Security Minister Robert Dutil, who spoke very little during the conference.

Quebec's opposition parties are seeking to rally demands for an inquiry. The leaders of the small left-wing Québec solidaire have called on the public to contact their local politicians to express their outrage.

The Action démocratique du Québecsaid Charest no longer has an excuse not to call for a wider probe into the scandal.

Consult leaked report here: