09/16/2011 03:51 EDT | Updated 11/16/2011 05:12 EST

Rizzuto associate target of shooting

An influential member of the Rizzuto clan appears to have been the target of an assassination attempt Friday morning in Laval.

Raynald Desjardins, a Rizzuto associate, was shot at while in his SUV on Levesque Boulevard near the Highway 25 toll bridge.

Police reported no serious injuries.

The access and exit ramps for highway 25 near Boulevard Levesque were closed as police investigated.

Desjardins has a criminal record. He is considered to be an associate of Vito Rizzuto, the man believed to be the head of the Montreal mafia.

Rizzuto is currently serving a prison term in the United States.

Desjardins was arrested in 1993 and sentenced to 15 years in prisons for importing 700 kg of cocaine.