Prime Minister Stephen Harper Unveils Coins Marking Return Of Winnipeg Jets To NHL

Jets Coin

First Posted: 10/09/11 04:16 PM ET Updated: 12/09/11 05:12 AM ET

WINNIPEG - Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled one of the two commemorative coins the Royal Canadian Mint is producing to mark the Winnipeg Jets' return to the NHL.

Harper is in Winnipeg today for the season opener between the Jets and the Montreal Canadiens.

The mint is issuing a 50-cent piece and a pure silver $20 dollar coin.

The 50 cent coin is produced at the mint in Winnipeg and will sell for $14.95.

The $20 limited edition silver coin goes for $94.95.

There will be 15,000 produced, almost exactly the seating capacity of the MTS Centre where the Jets play.

The Jets Come Home
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In June, the NHL approves the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers, making way for their move back to Canada. Winnipeggers rejoice.
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