Donald Dube Killed In Deer Attack: Herd Of 11 Animals Euthanized At Request Of Family In New Brunswick

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FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's Natural Resources Department says an entire herd of deer was euthanized at the request of the family of a man killed by one of the animals.

Donald Dube (DUE-Bay) died Sunday night while feeding his herd of domesticated deer behind his home in Saint-Leonard.

Police say the dominant buck in the herd attacked and killed the 55-year-old man with its antlers and hoofs.

Provincial game wardens later killed the buck and the other 10 deer on the family property and disposed of them in a landfill.

Anne Bull, a spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Department, says the 11 deer were killed rather than released into the wild because of the family's request.

The government issues permits to keep some deer species in captivity, but Bull refused to say whether Dube had a permit for his herd.

Dube's family could not be reached for comment.

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