12/21/2011 10:21 EST | Updated 02/20/2012 05:12 EST

Quebec river search resumes for missing boy

Search teams in Upton, Que., on Wednesday recovered the body of a dog that jumped into the Rivière Noire after a boy slipped into the frigid water, but the six-year-old is still missing.

Maxime Dion was playing with his older brother, Alexandre, and a third child on the river's bank when he fell through the ice around 5 p.m. ET Monday.

Alexandre and the friend were trying to pull Maxime out when a neighbour's dog jumped into the water to save the boy.

Divers and a police helicopter continued to scour the ice-crusted river near where the boy was last seen on Wednesday for any sign of the child.

On Tuesday, police found two boots – one belonging to Maxime and the other to Alexandre – about 150 metres from where the younger boy went into the water. They’ve found no other traces of the six-year-old.

The current is swift in that area and it’s complicating the search, Quebec provincial police Sgt. Daniel Thibaudeau said Wednesday morning.

“As the temperature warms up, some ice is breaking off and so that can also move any objects further downstream,” he said.

“The weather today is not going to help in our searches, but our staff is determined to find the boy as quickly as possible and bring him back to his family.”

The boy’s family has said while they haven’t given up hope, they now simply want to see their son again.

“We are just anxious to find the body,” his mother, Chantal Gaucher, told reporters Tuesday.

“We want to find him, and hold him in our arms and tell him we love him for the last time.”