12/30/2011 09:08 EST | Updated 02/29/2012 05:12 EST

5 Danish players disciplined for post-game hi-jinx

Five Danish players found themselves scratched from their team’s final round-robin game against Finland at the 2012 world under-20 championship on Friday.

Mathias Bau-Hansen, Jonas Sass-Jensen, Nicki Kisum, Anders Thode and Anders Schultz were disciplined for joking around at the podium in the media room at Rexall Place after their 10-2 loss to Canada on Thursday evening.

The five players were laughing and carrying on in what seemed to be a harmless episode of goofing around and pretending they were part of a press conference. But the hi-jinx was caught on video by Yahoo! Canada’s Neate Sager and posted on YouTube: