12/31/2011 05:45 EST | Updated 03/01/2012 05:12 EST

The booming business of designated drivers

Getting yourself around while celebrating New Year's Eve can be enough of a problem without having to worry about leaving your car behind.

While many people rely on cabs, a growing number of services are available to get you and your car home.

Keys To Us, a designated driver service out of Durham region, has been a driving people — and their cars — home for 15 years.

There are more than 120 drivers on the designated drivers service payroll.

If you've drunk over the legal limit, two people show up. One drives you home in your car; the other follows behind to take the other driver home or to another location.

Glenn Wilchuk, general manager of Keys To Us, said despite a lack of advertising, the company's clientele expands every year.

"People appreciate what we do, the word-of-mouth advertising just spreads, and our customer base continues to grow every year," Wilchuk said.

They average about 1,000 rides per month, a number that triples in December during the holiday season.