01/07/2012 01:18 EST | Updated 03/08/2012 05:12 EST

Not over my backyard, resident says of zipline plan

A new zipline between St. John's and Petty Harbour is stirring up some controversy.

Rob Carter of North Atlantic Ziplines says his dream is to make the historic fishing community a top tourism destination.

"Tourism is booming so I'm looking to bring people to the area and show them what Petty Harbour has got to offer in a unique way," Carter said. "There's nowhere else in the world where can you view the rugged North Atlantic from a zipline."

But not everyone is as excited about what the zipline will mean for the area.

Dawn Denief says she was never told the line would run over her backyard.

"My morning routine is right off the bat, (get) cup of tea and I'll sit down right there," Denief said. "And I'm looking out that door, I'm looking out that window, that's what I'm going to see — people coming off that line, yelling and screaming."

She says the problem could have easily been solved in the beginning. She asked Carter to buy her out. But Carter says he's not in a position to do that.

Still, Carter maintains that after getting approval from three levels of government, his zipline is in the right.

Carter says North Atlantic Zipline will create about 10 jobs in the area and attract tourists year-round.

Seven of the 10 lines are already hung, and legally, Carter has the go-ahead to hang the remaining three.

The zipline, which will span a total of 3,700 metres, is scheduled to be in operation as early as February.