01/07/2012 01:53 EST | Updated 03/08/2012 05:12 EST

Sheshatshiu financial review proves inconclusive

Former provincial auditor general John Noseworthy's examination of spending by the band council in Sheshatshiu has resulted in more questions than answers.

Critics of the band council asked Noseworthy to review the books. They think the current chief and council aren't spending the money properly.

But Noseworthy says the documents released by the band council don't provide enough detail to figure that out.

He says there are areas that need more scrutiny, like the high level of spending on travel, and the fact that revenues from royalties were half the budgeted amount.

Noseworthy says answers could come if the council did a more comprehensive audit, such as the ones done by provinces.

"That sort of audit environment would provide much more openness and accountability for citizens," Noseworthy said.

Max Penashue is leading the group trying to get new elections to oust the current chief and council. He says he likes the idea of auditors taking a more detailed look at the books.

"People should know where the money is going to — that's their money," Penashue said.

The council spends about $25 million a year.