01/13/2012 04:59 EST | Updated 03/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Unrepaired barrier distresses crash victim's brother

More than two weeks after the deaths of a Montreal couple whose truck plunged off a road in Montreal West, the guardrail damaged in the crash has still not been repaired.

Vicky and Luigino Parissi died Dec. 28 after their truck bounced off the metre-high guardrail in a snowstorm, sliding off Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Boulevard near the entrance to Highway 20 and landing on the train tracks nearly ten metres below.

Their vehicle was hit by an oncoming Via Rail passenger train.

In this week's cold and blowing snow – similar weather conditions to the day of the couple's deaths – Vicky Parissi's twin brother Fabio Centini, visiting from Calgary, returned with CBC News to the site of the crash.

"You see, that's still the broken barrier," Centini said, pointing out dents in the metal railing.

A freestanding traffic sawhorse – essentially a two-by-four painted orange and white – has been placed in front of it, buried in a mound of snow.

"They figure that maybe this piece of wood here might prevent a vehicle from going over. It's ridiculous," Centini added.

"It looks like they put a small band-aid on a deep gash. So it's still very, very dangerous. Given the road conditions here, how easy is it to just veer off?" Centini asked.

A town official in Montreal West said that section of road is the responsibility of Quebec's Transport Ministry.

A ministry official said, in turn, it belongs to the city of Montreal. The city of Montreal said it is the responsibility of Montreal West.

The coroner, Montreal police, the Canadian Transportation Safety Board and Transport Canada are all investigating.