01/24/2012 07:23 EST | Updated 03/25/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C. Facebook post lands man in hot water with ICBC

A Williams Lake, B.C., man who tried to defraud the Insurance Corporation of B.C. has been tripped up — by his own Facebook post.

After Corbin Joseph bragged online about the giant payoff the insurance company gave him for rolling his truck on New Year's Eve 2009, his Facebook friends turned him in to ICBC.

"A posting to that effect was brought to our attention by people who were his friends on Facebook," said ICBC spokesperson Mark Jan Vrem.

He says the accident happened while Joseph was prohibited from driving, so he convinced a friend to tell the insurance company she was the driver.

When he learned ICBC was reopening the case, Joseph took to Facebook again.

"He sent her phone texts and Facebook messages offering her apparently considerable sums of money and legal assistance if she stuck to the original story," said Jan Vrem.

ICBC policy prevents investigators from false "friending" on social networking sites, but luckily for them Joseph wasn't too finicky about his privacy settings.

Joseph has pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. He was given a three-month conditional sentence, fined $2,000 and ordered to pay more than $18,000 back to ICBC.