Canada Terrorism Strategy: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews Outlines Plan To Combat Attacks

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OTTAWA - Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has spelled out Canada's counter-terrorism strategy for foiling everything from Islamic terrorist threats to "lone wolf" attackers.

The strategy outlines plans to prevent, detect, deny and respond to both domestic and international threats.

"The reality is that no government can guarantee it will be able to prevent all terrorist attacks all the time. Nevertheless, Canada is committed to taking all reasonable measures to address terrorism in its many forms," said Toews.

He stressed the success of the new strategy is dependent on local governments, communities and individuals working together.

"For the first time this strategy enshrines Canada's existing approach to counterterrorism and it describes our nation's various counterterrorism programs and activities, many of which have existed for a long time."

The best policy is to prevent individuals from vulnerable communities falling victim to terrorist ideologies, he said.

"Terrorism is not specific to any one religion, community or ethnic group," Toews said.

"Preventing terrorism ideology from taking hold of vulnerable individuals is the best scenario."

Toews said one of the most difficult aspects of preventing terrorism is measuring its effectiveness, since success means that nothing happens —meaning there is no explosion or deadly rampage.

"In an era of global fiscal uncertainty, we need to know that we are directing our efforts and resources toward programs that are having a positive impact on our world."

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