Central Institute Of Technology Ad: Australian Comedy Duo Henry & Aaron Produce Dark, Hilarious Ad For College (VIDEO)

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An Australian technical college has taken a unique approach to advertising with a darkly hilarious ad starring two up-and-coming comedians.

The Central Institute of Technology in Western Australia commissioned "It's a snap" starring Perth duo Henry & Aaron to advertise their college. The duo are graduates of the school.

The ad starts off with genie-like Aaron McCann snapping his finger and materializing in front of comedy partner Henry Inglis. The ad goes through all the tropes of your typical college recruitment videos, showing off the high-tech facilities, friendly looking students and more.

But things quickly take a very, very dark turn. Lets just say it's a case of teleportation gone horribly wrong.

The video was noticed by Reddit users who quickly sang its praises. Gizmodo calls it the "Best. Technical College Ad. Ever." And we're inclined to agree.

"Looks like we're officially trending now, loads of Americans tweeting!," the duo wrote on their Facebook page.

See more of their videos below:


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