03/07/2012 11:26 EST | Updated 05/07/2012 05:12 EDT

McGill internal documents leaked on website

McGill University says it intends to take legal action against those behind the leak of confidential documents on an external website.

The site, called McGillLeaks, posted documents detailing the university's fundraising strategies involving major corporations.

The university’s vice-president of external relations, Olivier Marcil, said the documents also revealed personal information about individual donors.

"We're talking here private addresses, names of spouses, names of children,” he said.

The documents have since been removed from the website.

In a statement on the website, which was also removed earlier Wednesday, McGillLeaks said it would continue to publish documents and protect the anonymity of its sources.

The McGill Daily student newspaper reported on the site and said the university is now threatening legal action after it linked to some of the documents.

The Daily Publications Society, which is responsible for publishing the McGill Daily, is expected to release a statement on Wednesday.