03/07/2012 08:00 EST | Updated 05/07/2012 05:12 EDT

Teacher sex trial hears details of alleged affair

The B.C. man who says his former elementary school teacher started a sexual relationship with him has testified that he and the woman had intimate relations 231 times over an alleged two-year affair.

The alleged victim, who is now 22 but cannot be named, is the prime witness against Vernon public school teacher Deborah Ashton, who is being tried again on charges of invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference of a person under 14 and sexual assault.

Ashton’s first trial in 2011 ended in a hung jury.

The alleged victim has testified over the last three days that Ashton, then 37, started a sexual relationship with him in 2002 when he was in Grade 7 and that it went on for two years.

Under questioning from defence lawyer Terry La Liberte, the man said not all of their encounters were explicitly sexual. He said sometimes only kissing was involved, but 20 to 30 per cent of their intimacy involved intercourse.

"Where did this sex take place?" La Liberte asked

"I'd have to say her vehicle. The Suburban," the man said.

"Did it have a sunroof?" the lawyer asked.

"I don't remember," the man said.

Truthfulness questioned

La Liberte later accused the man of fabricating the story, saying he didn’t recall such details as a tattoo on Ashton’s stomach.

"I'm telling the truth," the man said.

"No, you're not sir. You made this up at the basketball camp and this is how you got into this," La Liberte said.

"No, I'm telling you what I remember," said the man.

Earlier Wednesday, under questioning from the Crown, the man told the court of a conversation he says he had with Ashton before the relationship ended. He says Ashton was worried her husband was going to find out about the affair and that she told him her marriage was deteriorating.

The trial is scheduled to continue for another 10 days.