03/09/2012 12:34 EST | Updated 05/09/2012 05:12 EDT

Jack Tobin granted day parole after 6 months

The son of former Newfoundland premier Brian Tobin has been granted day parole, a little more than six months after he was sentenced to prison for impaired driving causing death.

Jack Tobin, 25, had a hearing with the Parole Board of Canada in Kingston on Friday. His lawyer, Norm Boxall, who was not in attendance, confirmed the decision with CBC News.

Boxall said Tobin would be subjected to "strict supervision rules and regulations". He added it would likely be weeks until a bed is made available for Tobin at the halfway house where he will serve the rest of his sentence.

Tobin pleaded guilty in May 2011 to killing his friend Alex Zolpis, 24, on Christmas Eve 2010.

Eligible for full parole Sept. 1

Day parole means offenders are released but must return nightly to institutions or halfway houses. It is meant to ease offenders into full parole. According to the Parole Board of Canada, most offenders are eligible for full parole after serving one-third of their sentence.

According to the agreed statement of facts, Zolpis was pinned underneath a rental pickup truck Tobin was driving.

The incident occurred after Tobin, Zolpis and a group of friends were drinking at a pub in Ottawa's Byward Market. The group walked to a multi-level garage and Tobin drove the truck to the top level.

He admitted to being intoxicated when he was spinning the truck's wheels on the top level of the downtown parking garage.

Tobin was sentenced Aug. 31 to three years in prison.

He has a history of reckless driving, which includes 11 speeding convictions and three licence suspensions since 2002.