03/09/2012 03:19 EST | Updated 05/09/2012 05:12 EDT

Okanagan youths save themselves from icy plunge

Three Kelowna-area youths say they will not venture out on thin ice again after a harrowing experience on Wood Lake.

Even though a cyclist had died after falling through the ice just the week before, Bethany McIsaac, 11, and Jordan Funk, 12 of Lake Country, B.C., said they assumed the ice on Wood Lake would hold them.

But about 10 meters from shore, the ice gave way. Funk fell into the frigid water and then McIsaac fell through.

"I was really scared, 'cause I couldn't swim, 'cause my arm was in a sling," said McIsaac.

Despite the cold, Funk ducked under, grabbed McIssac by the waist and pushed her up out of the water. With the help of a third friend, Brittney Herriot, they pulled McIsaac out of the water.

"Where I was on my knees the ice started cracking, so I moved to this thicker ice and then I started tugging on Bethany," said Herriot. "And then I pulled the rest of her up."

Funk said once they got McIsaac out of the water, he realized he wasn't able to pull himself out, and started to fear the worst.

"I might die. And I'm scared, I'm cold, my toes were frozen. I couldn't really move my legs," said Funk.

Herriot helped pull him up too, and a month after the ordeal McIsaac is calling her friend a hero.

"I think he was really brave to do that. He could have died," she said.

The three rushed home and were treated by emergency personnel after someone called 911. They now say they learned their lesson, and will never walk out on lake ice again.