03/15/2012 06:49 EDT | Updated 05/15/2012 05:12 EDT

Driver sentenced to 4 years for fatal B.C. hit-and-run

A B.C. man who pleaded guilty to a hit and run crash that killed an elderly Surrey, B.C., couple has been sentenced to four years in prison and has been banned from driving for 10 years.

Ravinder Binning surprised the court on the eve of his trial in February, by pleading guilty to all charges, including two counts of dangerous driving causing death, one count of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and one count of fleeing from the scene of a crash.

Dilbag Badh and his wife Bakshish, both in their early sixties, were killed on their way back from a family marriage engagement, when Binning's car crashed into the back of their vehicle in 2008.

Varinder Badh was in the car with her parents when they were killed and was seriously injured herself. She was unhappy with the sentence.

"My mom and dad didn't deserve this," Badh said. "They were innocent victims, and there has to be a change."

Badh said she wants mandatory minimum sentences for some driving offences.

Police had always known it was Binning's car that was involved in the crash, but as it was left unoccupied at the scene, they had spent four years trying to prove he was the person driving it.

The Crown was asking for five years in prison and a lifetime ban on driving.

Binning was technically handed a 4.5-year sentence Thursday, but was given six months credit for time served.

In December, Binning also pleaded guilty to impaired driving in a separate case.