03/21/2012 12:30 EDT | Updated 05/21/2012 05:12 EDT

N.S. to pay $27K for sick man's air ambulance

A Cape Breton woman whose father is in a Regina hospital says the Nova Scotia government has agreed to pay the $27,000 tab for an air ambulance to bring him home.

Diana Gallant's father suffered a stroke in late February while visiting Regina and he's been confined to a hospital bed since.

She said she received word late Tuesday that an air ambulance would be made available to transport her father to Halifax.

"Very, very happy, very happy. I think a recovery needs to be done around family and that's what my dad needs," Gallant said Wednesday.

Regie Magliaro, Gallant's father, had an operation to relieve pressure caused by his brain swelling and was not well enough to travel on a commercial flight.

Gallant had been lobbying the provincial Department of Health and Wellness to pick up the $27,000 cost of an air ambulance flight because she couldn't afford the cost.

She said she was surprised to hear from the government earlier this week.

"I was told that they do their best to make sure that if a citizen of Nova Scotia is stranded somewhere that they do get them back," she said.

Gallant, of Whitney Pier, N.S., flew to Saskatchewan to be with her father in the days after his stroke.

Without the province's intervention, they would have had to stay in Regina for another three to six months, depending on Magliaro's recovery.

Gallant and her father are expected to land in Halifax at approximately 5 p.m. AT on Wednesday.