03/24/2012 07:53 EDT | Updated 05/24/2012 05:12 EDT

Edmonton anti-racism group chases off white supremacists

A group of white supremacists was forced to flee from more than 100 anti-racism protesters today in Edmonton.

About two dozen white pride advocates, most masked, marched down Jasper Avenue to Sir Winston Churchill Square, where they attempted to hold a rally.

Police kept the anti-racism demonstrators from getting close to the rally, but both sides shouted insults at each other.

Within minutes of the white pride group's arrival, the anti-racism demonstrators chased them into the Churchill LRT station.

Edmonton police, who maintained a heavy presence at the event, sealed off the entrance to the station after the white supremacists entered.

Anti-racism demonstrators ran from entrance to entrance of the subway in an effort to follow the rally, and expressed their frustration with police who were blocking the doors.

The masked group then went to the provincial legislature where they again attempted to hold their rally. Once again, they were chased off by the anti-racism demonstrators. Police put the group on the LRT, who then went to Southgate Centre.

The rally for Saturday afternoon was promoted on several racist websites, but those sites didn't say exactly where it would be.

In London, Ont., there was a similar confrontation between anti-racism protesters and what police describe as a small group of white supremacists.

Police say they broke up an altercation between the two sides.

There were no injuries reported in either protest.

Calgary event tame

In Calgary, about 25 people turned up at City Hall to rally against racism. Demonstration leader Jason Devine said the white supremacists had taken their cause to Edmonton.

In 2011, hundreds of police were needed to keep the anti-racism group away from a group of white supremacists.

This year dozens of police outnumbered the protesters.