04/24/2012 10:08 EDT | Updated 06/24/2012 05:12 EDT

Medical technology firm to create 200 jobs on Montreal's West Island

Quebec is investing $15 million in the medical technology firm Medtronic to help create 200 new medical technology jobs on Montreal's West Island.

The international company is expanding its operations in Pointe-Claire and Kirkland, where it manufactures a new type of technology to treat heart disease — developed in conjunction with doctors at the Montreal Heart Institute.

Medtronic calls the new device "the arctic front." It uses cold temperatures to help catheters stick better to blocked heart tissue.

"These products manufactured uniquely and only here in Montreal are used to treat cardiovascular disease worldwide," said company president Neil Fraser. "Our sales have been doubling every year since 2009."

To keep up with demand, Medtronic is spending $50 million to expand its west island facility.

Premier Jean Charest says his government's contribution will help attract high-paying medical jobs to the province.

"We have the most generous research and development scheme in North America for this type of industry," said Charest.

Medtronic said it might have been cheaper to set up shop elsewhere, but Montreal's robust research climate was an attraction.