04/27/2012 10:37 EDT | Updated 06/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Centrist councillors haven't yet settled on priorities

A group of nine centrist councillors who met Thursday night to discuss common priorities in council say they had a valuable meeting, but didn't produce a hard list of things they would like to get done.

"What it ended up being is a much more high level conversation with a commitment to keep working on things to eventually get that list that we want that we can give to you and our councillor colleagues and the mayor," said Coun. Josh Colle, who called the meeting.

There was talk they would look at some new ideas around transit or road tolls, but none of those in attendance commented on specifics.

The councillors, who consider themselves independents, received a lot of attention when they seized greater control of the transit file from the mayor's supporters. In recent months, the group has earned the moniker "the mighty middle."

Besides Colle, the following councillors attended the gathering:

- Ana Bailao

- Chin Lee

- Gloria Lindsay Luby

- Josh Matlow

- Mary-Margaret McMahon

- John Parker

- James Pasternak

- Karen Stintz

The councillors agreed to meet again, but didn't say when.