04/27/2012 01:30 EDT | Updated 06/27/2012 05:12 EDT

'I will not back you:' TTC CEO to misbehaving staff

The CEO of the Toronto Transit Commission has issued a strongly-worded letter warning staff who engage in inappropriate behaviour like texting or sleeping on the job that he will not protect them.

"A small minority of staff continue to wreck all of our reputations," Andy Byford said in a letter to staff Friday morning.

"To them I say: I will not back you in fact I will expect you to face the consequences of your actions, especially if you put customers' safety at risk."

The letter, titled "Restoring the public's faith in a safe TTC," comes after a number of photos and videos taken by riders in recent days have shown TTC employees appearing to sleep on the job, reading a newspaper while driving a streetcar and parking illegally to get a snack.

One video appears to catch an employee texting while operating a subway train.

Those instances have prompted a barrage of negative media coverage.

"To be frank, we can't complain," said Byford in his letter, adding employees who don't abide by safety rules should "expect to be held to account."

Mayor Rob Ford didn't comment specifically on the letter, but gave Byford a vote of confidence.

"Andy Byford's fantastic. I support Andy Byford. And we hired him to do a job and he's doing a fantastic job," he said at a Friday news conference.