04/28/2012 01:26 EDT | Updated 06/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Lottery scam probe nets 2 Vancouver brothers

Two brothers who share an accounting office in Vancouver are facing separate fraud and forgery charges following a police investigation.

Vancouver police obtained a search warrant after they were contacted by authorities in California about a senior being duped out of money in an alleged lottery scam.

Saheem Raza, 30, is charged fraud after allegedly convincing an 89-year-old U.S. woman to wire $70,000 to a Vancouver account.

"She believed she was going win $7.5 million for a $70,000 processing fee," said Det. Linda Grange.

Police said the victim was called several more times, advising her of additional winnings of $10, 500,000 and instructed to deposit $125,000 before she could collect on the winnings.

Grange said those who prey on the elderly can be merciless.

"There is no remorse. They will take every penny you have, until you have nothing left," said Grange.

But the alleged lottery scam was not all the police said they uncovered when they executed a search warrant at the F & A Accounting offices in the 2600-block of Kingsway.

"Additionally they are also being charged with forgery, connected to an ongoing fraud investigation, unrelated to this [alleged] lottery scam," said Grange.

Grange said Raza and his brother Fareed Raza, 38, are charged with one count of forgery.

Also charged with fraud and forgery is Saheem Raza’s wife, Nafiza Raza, 27.

None of the charges have been proven in court.