05/01/2012 07:47 EDT | Updated 07/01/2012 05:12 EDT

Lobster fishermen divided over price protest

Lobster fishermen are defying a boycott by others in southwest Nova Scotia who say tying up their boats will drive down prices.

Radio-Canada reporter Marilyn Marceau said about 50 fishermen were on the wharf in Meteghan this morning asking others not to fish.

But at least four boats were in the water and more were expected to head out.

Marceau said the Meteghan captains met and about 75 of them voted to return to the water if they're paid $5 a pound.

The group 1688 — named after the number of licences in zones 33 and 34 — wants fishermen to stay in port until they're guaranteed a price of $5.50. It hopes to reduce the supply of lobster and drive up the price.

Many fishermen say they expect to get about $4 a pound in the final weeks of the season, which they say is far too low.

Hundreds of boats sat tied up Monday as the protest kicked off.

The spring lobster season off western Cape Breton and the Northumberland Strait begins today.