05/01/2012 11:06 EDT | Updated 07/01/2012 05:12 EDT

MP Bruce Hyer open to rejoining NDP caucus, if invited

The Thunder Bay MP who left the NDP caucus says he doesn't want back in — but would consider the opportunity to rejoin if the party asked.

In a letter to the Thunder Bay Superior-North riding association, Bruce Hyer said he was disappointed in not being able to voice his opinion in Ottawa.

He said he'll re-join the caucus, but the party must approach him and make concessions, such as showing “flexibility with their members to … vote either with their conscience or with the need of the majority of their constituents."

Hyer reiterated he hasn't left the NDP, but he has left the caucus in Parliament.

"I would be open to rejoining the caucus, if the caucus and the leader were open to showing … sensitivity [to] … an MP and a riding's need,” he said.

Hyer said he didn't want to cause so much distress to members of the local riding association.

Maurice Grinstead, the riding association president, said Hyer and the party may both have to make concessions.

"They have to go into a room together [and] … just lay it all out,” Grinstead said. “Somebody has to give both ways. It takes two to have a fight and it takes two people to reconcile.”

Grinstead said Hyer's choice to sit as an independent was never influenced by local NDP supporters, but by a decision made on Parliament Hill.

According to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's principal secretary, Hyer hasn't communicated with Mulcair either before or after he made his decision.

“Mr. Hyer made his own decision without talking to anyone,” Karl Belanger wrote in an email to CBC News. “He has left the NDP and what he now does is up to him.”