05/08/2012 02:15 EDT | Updated 07/07/2012 05:12 EDT

5 NHL stories: Rangers break gridlock, Coyotes no mirage

Since first opening its doors on February 11, 1968, Madison Square Garden has played host to some of the most epic sporting events and historical concerts of all-time.

From Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier's historic bout, to sell-out concerts with Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin, MSG has seen it all. Being the oldest rink in the NHL, #MSG has also housed its share of great hockey over the years.

@Hockeynight asked viewers to tweet their fondest hockey memories of #MSG.

Here are some of the best (#HNIC):

Charles Fiori @charlesfiori @hockeynight first hockey game, march 68. Habs & Rangers. Worsley in goal, 2d game in new #MSG. Not everything worked properly.

Allan Mak @Makker35 @hockeynight Patrick Roy's performance in the 86' playoffs against the Rangers. Birth of a Legend!

Bil McGee‏ @bilmcgee @hockeynight I was at the game when Jan Hlavic scored a hat trick on free hat night at MSG. I had never seen so many hats on the ice! #HNIC

ulf ‏ @Rexyandiknowit @hockeynight Hasek taking a shot to the throat on St. Patricks day. Not a great moment but every other memory is them getting destroyed.

Margann Laurissa ‏ @MargannLaurissa @hockeynight The marathon shootout between Washington and NY Rangers in 2005. Marek Malik between the legs FTW. Good times.

Steven Pacheco ‏ @KillingPoetry @hockeynight Never forget the amazing fan response for Brian Leetch returning to MSG as a Boston Bruin #HNIC

caroline simard ‏ @carolyns68 @hockeynight Mark Messier saying that he would bring the Stanley Cup to NY and doing it!! Amazing!! Legend! #HNIC

alicia conroy ‏ @itsme_aconn @hockeynight any subway game was always legit , especially when they showed #chara crushin manhattan on the big screen #HNIC #MSG

Franco‏ @faz8218 @hockeynight Opening night in 2001 just a month after 9/11 was one of the most emotional nights I've ever witnessed at #MSG. #HNIC

John M. Campbell‏@O2BCool2 @hockeynight The night Harry Howell's and Andy Bathgate's sweaters were retired (and the Leafs beat them that night to boot!).