5 NHL stories: Rangers break gridlock, Coyotes no mirage

05/08/2012 02:15 EDT | Updated 07/07/2012 05:12 EDT

Since first opening its doors on February 11, 1968, Madison Square Garden has played host to some of the most epic sporting events and historical concerts of all-time.

From Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier's historic bout, to sell-out concerts with Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin, MSG has seen it all. Being the oldest rink in the NHL, #MSG has also housed its share of great hockey over the years.

@Hockeynight asked viewers to tweet their fondest hockey memories of #MSG.

Here are some of the best (#HNIC):

Charles Fiori @charlesfiori @hockeynight first hockey game, march 68. Habs & Rangers. Worsley in goal, 2d game in new #MSG. Not everything worked properly.

Allan Mak @Makker35 @hockeynight Patrick Roy's performance in the 86' playoffs against the Rangers. Birth of a Legend!

Bil McGee‏ @bilmcgee @hockeynight I was at the game when Jan Hlavic scored a hat trick on free hat night at MSG. I had never seen so many hats on the ice! #HNIC

ulf ‏ @Rexyandiknowit @hockeynight Hasek taking a shot to the throat on St. Patricks day. Not a great moment but every other memory is them getting destroyed.

Margann Laurissa ‏ @MargannLaurissa @hockeynight The marathon shootout between Washington and NY Rangers in 2005. Marek Malik between the legs FTW. Good times.

Steven Pacheco ‏ @KillingPoetry @hockeynight Never forget the amazing fan response for Brian Leetch returning to MSG as a Boston Bruin #HNIC

caroline simard ‏ @carolyns68 @hockeynight Mark Messier saying that he would bring the Stanley Cup to NY and doing it!! Amazing!! Legend! #HNIC

alicia conroy ‏ @itsme_aconn @hockeynight any subway game was always legit , especially when they showed #chara crushin manhattan on the big screen #HNIC #MSG

Franco‏ @faz8218 @hockeynight Opening night in 2001 just a month after 9/11 was one of the most emotional nights I've ever witnessed at #MSG. #HNIC

John M. Campbell‏@O2BCool2 @hockeynight The night Harry Howell's and Andy Bathgate's sweaters were retired (and the Leafs beat them that night to boot!).