05/09/2012 06:01 EDT | Updated 07/09/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C. Liberal MLA fires back at van Dongen

Veteran B.C. Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger has fired back at former colleague John van Dongen, calling the former Liberal cabinet minister a little man with a nasty streak and delusions of grandeur.

In the scrum with reporters at the legislature in Victoria Krueger alleged Van Dongen had tried to recruit him to join a mutiny against former premier Gordon Campbell in 2010, but that he refused and told Van Dongen, who was the party whip at the time, he should resign.

Krueger also criticized the media for "giving van Dongen credibility."

The outburst comes less than two months after van Dongen himself stunned the provincial legislature when he quit the Liberal Party to sit as the only B.C. Conservative, and then immediately held a press conference to rip into Premier Christy Clark and the Liberal's handling of the BC Rail case.

But Krueger didn't stop with van Dongen. He also took aim at NDP Leader Adrian Dix, calling him preposterous and criticizing him for his doctoring of a memo when he served as a political aid to former NDP premier Glen Clark more than a decade ago.

He also lambasted Dix for getting a ticket from TransLink for fare evasion in March, quesition why Dix did not have a monthly transit pass and calling the incident part of a "pattern of deception."

He also called B.C. Conservative Leader John Cummins ridiculous and accused his three targets of being part of a conspiracy to discredit Premier Christy Clarke and Gordon Campbell.

The rant appears to be the latest in a series of outbursts by MLA's. In April B.C. Liberal MLA Harry Bloy also sparked an uproar in the B.C. legislature when he accused NDP Leader Adrian Dix of lying and stealing. Bloy later called Dix to apologize.