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Features you should be drawing focus to (and which ones you may want to hide) in your 40s, what your can’t-live-without product should be

By: Jessica Uniac,

As the times change, our clothing choices may evolve to meet the latest trends, our shoes may get higher or pointier, and our hair may go from brown to blonde to even ‘bronde’, but one thing we can rely on is a basic makeup routine.

Makeup artist Christine Cho tells us which features you should be drawing focus to (and which ones you may want to hide) in your 40s, what your can’t-live-without product should be—and of course, a simple, basic makeup routine to get you through the day-to-day.

In your 40s:

The Inspiration: Vanessa Williams

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What to highlight: Cheeks. Give yourself a pop of colour and a fresh, youthful flush by adding some warmth to your complexion.

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Ways to cover up: Cho says that in your 40s, you will have to deal with gravity and sagging skin. She suggests, “Apply makeup in an upward motion, including the cheek area when applying blush, contouring, bronzer, etc. to give the face the appearance of a lift.”

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Makeup routine: For the regular skincare routine, “cleanse, tone and moisturize—including a cell plumping night cream.” Follow this with makeup, “a hydrating and illuminating foundation, blush (cream blush/tint for extra-dry skin types), and finish with eyeliner, mascara and a lip tint.

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Go-to product: Blush
The KIT recommends:
NARS blush in Orgasm, $32,
Tarte Cheek Stain, $39,
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Blush, $14,

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  • Overuse Of Powder

    The texture of our skin changes as we age. "Using too much powder emphasizes lines, dry skin and can actually make skin appear less firm," says makeup artist Jackie Johnson. <br><strong>Tip:</strong> Use a cream based foundation product rather than powder based makeup to make the face look and feel more youthful.

  • Lips Feeling Too Small?

    If you think your lips are too thin, the cause of your problem could be in your lipstick. "Dark colour recedes making lips appear smaller," says Johnson. <br><strong>Tip: </strong>Use a medium to light lip colour to make the lips appear fuller.

  • Missing Colour?

    The number one rule of beauty: make sure the colour of your face matches your body. "Using bronzer all over the face to make skin appear sun-kissed will make your face darker than the rest of the body," Johnson says. <br><strong>Tip:</strong> Use bronzer as a contour only. Place high on your cheekbones to lift the face and enhance them.

  • Lots Of Shimmer

    Using too much shimmer or glitter can result in your skin looking overdone. Johnson recommends using matte colours.

  • Over-Plucked Eyebrows

    Over time our hair can become coarse. "Eyebrow hair is less likely to grow back after the age of 40," Johnson says. <br><strong>Tip:</strong> Eyebrow fillings can make your brows appear larger and strengthen the natural eyebrow arch.

  • Too Much Lipliner

    Remember when only wearing lipliner was in? Today, this trend isn't doing anything for you. "Wearing this look will make you look outdated," Johnson says. <br><strong>Tip:</strong> Use a shade the same colour as your lips to allow a natural looking plumped-up lip.

  • Improper Use Of Eyeliner

    Using too much black, navy, green or light blue eyeliner to line both the top and bottom lashes can make the eyes appear rounder and smaller, Johnson says. <br><strong>Tip:</strong> Use eyeliner on the outer edges along the lash line to create a larger almond-shaped eye.

  • Blushing Too Much?

    Applying too much or too little blush can also make your skin seem dull. "Skin loses colour and vibrancy over time. Some woman over compensate by applying too much blush in too dark of a shade," Johnson says. <br><strong>Tip:</strong> Use a medium- to light-coloured blush to give yourself a youthful glow.

  • Too Much Everything.

    Remember, the biggest makeup mistake is wearing too much of it. "Overdoing both lips and eyes will only make you look like you're wearing too much makeup," Johnson says. <br><strong>Tip: </strong> Choose a focal point on your face and stick to it.

  • Cake-Faced

    "Concealer can be your best friend when covering blemishes," says <a href="" target="_hplink">NYC New York Color artist Mathew Nigara</a>. But if you're using concealer to cover everything else -- your skin may appear heavy and washed out.


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