05/10/2012 10:26 EDT | Updated 07/10/2012 05:12 EDT

Jury in ex-jail guard's trial shown how smuggling done

The smell of marijuana was heavy in the air of a Regina court room as a jury was given a demonstration on how drugs were allegedly delivered to inmates by a former guard, now on trial.

Brent Miles Taylor, 50, is accused of supplying a variety of contraband, including marijuana, to inmates at the Regina Jail. On Thursday, jurors were shown how the packages were prepared.

A witness for the prosecution explained to jurors that she helped Taylor by unwrapping store-bought packages of loose tobacco, and then stuffed them with drugs.

Laura Reynolds, who has been cooperating with authorities, is one of two women who allegedly supplied Taylor with drugs and paid him to deliver them. She provided jurors with a demonstration of her handiwork.

After preparing an example of a package, the item was passed to jury members, each of whom examined the pouch in turn.

"Sometimes this took me hours," Reynolds said during her testimony.

According to Reynolds, Taylor would pick up the packages from her.

"He'd come to the door. We had the packages ready in a bag and told him the money was inside," she said. "It ranged from $100 to $500."

She said instructions for payment amounts came from inmates at the jail.

Sometimes drugs would be delivered to her, to include in a pouch. Other times she would be told to pick up items.

The inmates were getting "pot, oil, pills, syringes and papers" with the tobacco, she said.

Reynolds added that Taylor was called The Eagle, by the inmates.

She remembered that Taylor showed up at her house about 30 times and would take away two pouches after each visit.

Taylor, who was a guard at the jail since 1987, was charged with trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, conspiracy and other offences —15 counts in total — following an investigation by police that spanned several months and culminated in charges in February of 2010.

The Crown claims Taylor conspired with others to get drugs into the jail between January, 2007, and February, 2010.