05/10/2012 10:50 EDT | Updated 07/10/2012 05:12 EDT

No charges in Surrey bus stabbing death

No charges will be laid in connection with the stabbing death of a teen in Surrey, B.C., after an altercation on a transit bus, the Criminal Justice Branch says.

Jamie Kehoe, 18, died in hospital after he was stabbed in the neck late in the evening of Oct. 7, 2011, during a fight on the bus in which he was not directly involved, police said.

Police said a friend of Kehoe stepped in as a Good Samaritan, but it was Kehoe who was attacked in the melee.

A man and woman fled the scene on foot.

One arrest was made within a few days of the incident, but the man was released after police concluded he was not involved in the slaying.

Police later identified a suspect, but the Criminal Justice Branch issued a statement Thursday, saying the Crown had concluded that due to conflicting and incomplete witness statements, there was no likelihood of conviction and therefore charges would not be laid.

The suspect has not been named.