05/10/2012 10:47 EDT | Updated 07/10/2012 05:12 EDT

U.S. downs Belarus at world hockey championships

Sometimes one player's mistake ends up crushing a team's hopes and chances of winning it all.

In Game 5 between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers, forward Joel Ward's double minor in the last two minutes of the third period with the Capitals up by a goal could be an example.

In a matter of just two minutes, the Capitals went from being on the verge of a 3-2 series lead with a chance to finish the Rangers off at home, to being down 3-2 and on the verge of elimination.

@hockeynight asked fans to tweet their biggest scapegoat in playoff history.

Here are some of the best responses using #HNIC:

Greg Rector‏ @GregRector1 @hockeynight sadly the #Oilers Steve Smith in 1986 scoring the winning goal into his own goal vs the #Flames

Jeremy MacKenzie @JaMacK99 @hockeynight I'm sure that Steve Smith loves contests like this. #SteveSmith should be trending soon.

Daryl McFadyen ‏ @darylmcfadyen @hockeynight biggest scapegoat #Luongo not being able close it last year in the game 6 and 7. #Canucks #lostopportunity

Michael ‏ @RainmanMP @hockeynight Martin Erat blindly throwing the puck to the middle of the ice vs #Blackhawks in game 5 on late game power play

Brad Chapman ‏ @BradSkipChapman @hockeynight M.A. Bergeron's run into Roloson in '06, some say cost us the cup as it injured him out of the playoffs

Missionaborted ‏ @missionaborted @hockeynight biggest scapegoat ever was torts calling out John Graham when all of TB was playing terribly! 25% rule! #HNIC

Gene Rocha ‏ @Autismdad1 @hockeynight Tie Domi's suspension for end of game hit on Niedermayer being reason #leafs lost to #devils

Mike Gange ‏ @mrmedia1 @hockeynight Louis Sleiger starts a fight hoping to wake up Nordiques but MTL responds with force and grit and wins.

Europatravels ‏ @Europatravels @hockeynight Canucks fans are so hard on Luuu, but does anyone remember Cloutier?? Game 3, 2002 Lidstrom scored from centre ice!!!

gmc ‏ @gem12131972 @BradSkipChapman @hockeynight Kerry Fraser Too many unspo call on MTL, and missed stick to Koivu's eye that gave Carolina the series and cup