05/12/2012 05:26 EDT | Updated 07/12/2012 05:12 EDT

2012 Summer Night Market opens in Richmond, B.C.

Almost 18,000 people attended this year's opening of the Summer Night Market in Richmond on Friday, ahead of the re-opening of the original Richmond Night Market next week.

The men who run the rival night markets, Paul Cheung and Raymond Cheung respectively, have been in legal battles and fights at City Hall for years trying to eliminate the competition.

Paul Cheung - no relation to Raymond - says he doesn't believe this will ever change.

"The animosity is there and you know what? I don't think we'll ever erase that, right? But for me, for us, we'll just continue doing what we've always been doing," he said.

Raymond Cheung, of Target Event Production Ltd., established the original Richmond Night Market in 2000 and ran the popular attraction every summer until 2007, when rising rent for the site led him to close down the event.

The following year, Paul Cheung, of Lions Communications Inc., launched an event on the same site, calling it the Summer Night Market, and although successfully sued for copyright infringement by Raymond, was allowed to keep operating.

Earlier in 2012, Richmond City Council finally granted Raymond permission to re-open the original Richmond Night Market on a different site this summer, despite objections from Paul.