05/12/2012 11:06 EDT | Updated 07/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Fans tweet their hockey memories shared with mom

Mothers will always hold a special place in the world of hockey.

From waking up to take their sons and daughters to early morning practices, to making sure the ice pack is cold when a black eye arrives at the door, or simply being the one that brings you to your first big league game, without mothers, hockey just wouldn't be the same.

To celebrate #MothersDay, @hockeynight asked fans to tweet a hockey related memory that they shared with their Mom.

Here are some of the best tweets:

Alex Murata ‏ @realAlexMurata @hockeynight Mom was there for every game, practice, camp, try-out just didn't miss a thing. Grateful for all the support. #ThanksMom

Jeremy Sumner ‏ @jj_sumner @hockeynight bro & I defending smallest guy on r team. Ended in 2 of us in fight with entire other team after handshake. Mom screaming 2 stop

Callen Hageman ‏ @callenhageman @hockeynight My mom drove me to a hockey game in Kingston 2.5 hrs away cause she wanted to go shopping! Love her for all her support! #HNIC

louis louis ‏ @2louislouis @hockeynight 1972- Canada versus the Soviet Union Super Series ran home after school to see the Game, she loved it more than the rest of us!

Paige Shannon ‏ @shanner11 @hockeynight my mom and I on a roadie (she was our trainer) the bus ended up breaking down in a snow storm at 2am. It was a lot of bonding.

Pete in Kingston ‏ @KingstonPete @hockeynight My mom would get up and make me a bowl of maple & brown sugar oatmeal before every single early morning hockey practice. #HNIC

Nicco Cardarelli ‏ @BroBehindTheMic @hockeynight I won tix to Rangers/Leafs at Gardens. Mom & I went for dinner at Wayne's, met Walter, & then watched 99 play an amazing game!

Don Cowger ‏ @dcowger @hockeynight '82 p/offs. #Canucks #Hawks. My mom coming from the kitchen with a "Whoo hoo" when Smyl scored. Thought I had the coolest mom

jake macisaac ‏ @JMac93Official @hockeynight My mom took me to every game, every practice, every emergency room trip, she was my number 1 fan. She is my inspiration thxmum

Frank Scaramella ‏ @21FrankS @hockeynight #HNIC - with Mom late on Sunday nts in 60's-listening to Llyod Pettit on radio-Blackhawks from CHI Stadium-w/ milk & cookies...

Justin Doherty ‏ @JDatWisconsin @hockeynight Mom worked, watched us, supported us, bought us hot chocolate, froze, tied our skates ... at rinks all over Detroit. #ThanksMom

AQUA-TECH PLUMBING ‏ @peiplumber @hockeynight Great memories watchin the #habs of the 70's with my Mother, she loved the flyin frenchman #richard #believeau#dryden#cup