05/12/2012 02:15 EDT | Updated 07/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Littering fine rises to $1,000 in Ontario township

Littering in an eastern Ontario township near Renfrew will cost perpetrators $1,000, a price the community hopes will stop people from dumping garbage on its rural roads.

The Township of Horton introduced a new bylaw with the fine last month after what community leaders called one of the worst years of littering they had ever seen.

Price Road — a narrow dirt road connecting to Highway 60 and about 100 kilometres west of Ottawa — is a frequent target, Mayor Don Eady said.

"Just on Price Road alone, we're sinking in 32 hours of manpower time involved in cleaning up the debris there," Eady said.

That translates to a cost of $1,600 to the township, he said.

"It's not fair to the ratepayers of the Township of Horton to have to subsidize somebody for not following the law."

Toilets and car batteries among items dumped

Maintenance worker Dustin Howard said he's seen everything make its way onto the secluded dirt road.

"Mounds of garbage,... couches, toilets, car batteries.... I think they should take the time to go to the dump instead," Howard said.

Horton's landfill rates have nearly doubled in three years, and with Price Road near the landfill, it makes a tempting target.

Mackie McLaren, the township's chief administrative officer, said he hopes the increased fine will act to discourage future dumpers. The bylaw also stipulates that violators have to help clean up the mess.

The township and the Ontario Provincial Police have a strong lead on at least one dumper. Sifting through the Price Road trash, they found a name listed on a lease and some old cellphone bills.