05/13/2012 04:23 EDT | Updated 07/13/2012 05:12 EDT

No reports of moose-wrecked car zipping down Trans-Canada

A woman who has no recollection of driving 40 kilometres to work after a moose smashed out her windshield and ripped open the roof of her car Monday says she's baffled that she hasn't heard from anyone who saw her on the Trans-Canada highway that day.

Michelle Higgins story's been carried by media across Canada and even in the U.K. but that hasn't helped to solve the mystery.

"It's unreal. I know if I had seen me going down the road, I would think, 'Well, I could kill somebody else or myself or cause a severe accident. You never know, right?," she said.

Higgins, of Norris Arm, central Newfoundland, is a professional caregiver who helps people with special needs.

She pays attention to details and takes pride in being very organized and now this gap in her memory is driving her 'nuts.'

Higgins wants to know if she was driving safely or in her words "like some sort of lunatic."

She's recovering but said she's in no shape to go outdoors.

"I'm not a pretty sight. Everyone is going to think it is Halloween. My nose is pretty well green and black and purple," she said.

Higgins, badly bruised and wearing a neck brace after fracturing two neck bones, said she was pampered by family on Mother's Day and even though her number has always been unlisted — she's been getting attention from complete strangers too.

"One guy phoned and said ' I just wanted to hear your voice' …I haven't got a clue who he is and I don't know anything about him," she said Sunday.

Higgins said she doesn't mind. She said she has been overwhelmed by everyone's kind words and even enjoyed the hugs she got from strangers when she slipped out of the house once to go to the mall.