05/13/2012 10:49 EDT | Updated 07/13/2012 05:12 EDT

Quebec 'discussing' tuition with student leaders

Quebec education minister Line Beauchamp is discussing the ongoing tuition conflict with student leaders today.

Beauchamp's office say she spoke with federation leaders over the telephone on Sunday.

Student groups say they hope the province will make a new offer regarding tuition increases.

Quebec's three main student groups voted earlier this month to reject the Liberal government's tuition increase offer.

That deal included spreading out tuition fee hikes over seven years, and adding money to the province's bursary program.

Thousands of students have been boycotting classes for nearly three months to protest scheduled tuition increases.

Many of them are at risk of losing their semester altogether.

Pro, anti-tuition protest groups take to streets

A trio of small tuition protests unfolded without incident in Montreal on Saturday.

More than 200 "red square" protesters opposed to tuition increases marched through the downtown core Saturday night.

At the same time, dozens of "green square" protesters held their own rally nearby.

Green square supporters want the three-month long tuition dispute to end.

They also want boycotting students to respect court injunctions ordering certain classes to resume.

A green square protest was also held at Laval University in Quebec City.