Are cosmetic injectable treatments just "like good grooming," as a certain star might say? Probably not, but they've certainly become more common, a study says.

Over half of women receive injectable treatments, 81 per cent think such treatments have become mainstream and 34 per cent consider them to be common procedures on par with hair colouring or teeth whitening, a survey of 800 Canadian women revealed in The FACE Report.

Cosmetic injectables, better known by commercial names such as Botox or Restylane, refer to tissue fillers administered by needles and used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

An estimated 8,759,187 non-surgical procedures were performed in 2009, eclipsing more invasive procedures, possibly due to medical advances or lower prices, reports. Although Health Canada doesn’t keep tabs on the number of injectable procedures completed, CBC estimated injectables ranked as the third most common type of cosmetic surgery.

This is not to discount men, who saw a nine per cent increase in Botox treatments from 2009 to 2010, CTV noted. Interestingly, men braved the doctor's office to maintain a youthful image in the workplace while women said they wanted to increase self-esteem.

Women's beauty and self-esteem go hand-in-hand in a complicated relationship, Laura Hurd Clarke, sociologist at the University of British Columbia, told Best Health Magazine.

“It’s becoming socially unacceptable to look old,” she said. “We live in a culture that equates physical signs of aging with the loss of social and sexual desirability.”

And while some women take steps to alter their aging appearances, others cringe at the potential side effects of long-term use. Some doctors warn Botox may negatively affect nerve endings, although its parent company insists it's safe, according to The Telegraph. Other risks include allergic reaction, bruising, infection and more.

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  • Heidi Montag

    Heidi got ten procedures on November 20 including: a brow lift, nose job revision, boob job revision, botox, lipo on stomach and thighs, cheek and lip injections, ear pinning, chin reduction, neck lipo and butt augmentation.

  • Ashlee Simpson

    Ashlee admitted to having a nose job in 2006.

  • Janice Dickinson

    Janice has always been open about using plastic surgery to "hang onto what she's got." On Heidi's dramatic transformation, she tells Radar: "Heidi was a plain dowdy girl before the surgeries. She's a rural mountain girl that wasn't blessed with great genes. The reason I became a Supermodel was because of my genetics, I was lucky, I was born that way. To be a great beauty you need symmetry, and that was something that she, and Doctor Ryan, obviously thought she was lacking."

  • Sylvester Stallone

    What hasn't he done? Sly's mom has said they share the same plastic surgeon. He's admitted to having surgery to correct facial asymmetry caused by a forceps birth

  • Jennifer Grey

    She had a much publicized nose job in the early 1990s. No one recognized her afterward and she has said it hurt her career.

  • Mickey Rourke

    He suffered a number of serious boxing injuries in the 1990s that changed the appearance of his once-handsome face. He told the Daily Mail that he went to "the wrong guy" for reconstructive surgery and it left his face a mess.

  • Priscilla Presley

    Now 64, Elvis Presley's former wife had a botched set of industrial silicone injections from "Doctor" Daniel Serrano, who wasn't really a doctor at all and was later imprisoned for fraud.

  • Pamela Anderson

    Her long series of boob jobs began in 1989 after she posed for Playboy.

  • Kenny Rogers

    He has had so much work done he calls himself the "Bionic Man" but has said he regrets erasing all the character from his face.

  • Kathy Griffin

    Kathy talks about her plastic surgery procedures in her stand-up act. She's had a nose job, eye-lift, face-lift and lipo and was once hooked on diet pills but says she tries now not to worry about her appearance since it's never really affected her career.

  • Janet Jackson

    Janet has said she got a nose job when she was 16.

  • Amy Winehouse

    She debuted her new breasts last fall and soon after her dad gave them a public thumbs up.

  • Joan Rivers

    She's had at least nine plastic surgeries and loves to talk about them. She even wrote a book about her many times under the knife.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    In 2007 she admitted to having had a nose job--to correct a deviated septum.

  • Tara Reid

    Tara has had several boob jobs and calls her botched stomach lipo her "battle wounds."

  • Tila Tequila

    Tila traded in her A-cups for these. She has admitted to having two boob jobs.

  • Tori Spelling

    Tori has admitted to having a nose job in her teens and a boob job in her 20s

  • Dolly Parton

    She reportedly started her career flat-chested and now has 40DDs. She also jokes about her many face-lifts.

  • Ashley Tisdale

    The 'High School Musical' star had a nose job, she said to correct a deviated septum.

  • Dwayne Johnson

    The Rock revealed in 2005 that he had undergone gynecomastia correction, or lipo on his chest.

  • Cameron Diaz

    She had a nose job in 2006, claiming that breaking her nose for the fourth time left her unable to breathe.

  • Howard Stern

    Howard admitted on his show in 2006 that he had a bump shaved from his nose and lipo to remove his double chin.

  • Bruce Jenner (commenter suggestion)

    Bruce had a botched facelift and nose job 25 years ago and last underwent a corrective procedure. He chose to unveil his new face in a Life & Style spread and on his family's reality show, 'Keeping up with the Kardashians.' Stepdaughter Kim said at the time, "He looks ten years younger."

  • Lisa Rinna (commenter suggestion)

    Lisa has had tummy tucks, boob jobs, cheek fillers and most famously, lip implants, all of which she discusses in her book 'Rinnavation.' Last year she told the Today show, "23 years ago, I had silicone put in my top lip not the bottom lip. [The look] made me who I am. But after years and years, you develop scar tissue," she said.