05/15/2012 04:59 EDT | Updated 07/15/2012 05:12 EDT

Ornge under fire again after woman dies following delay

The Ornge air ambulance service is under fire again after a woman died when it took more than four hours for them to deliver her some 180 kilometres from Barry's Bay, Ont. to a hospital in Ottawa.

Scott Dearman said the hospital in Barry's Bay asked Ornge last Wednesday to take his mother to Ottawa for treatment.

Judy Dearman, 69, came to the Barry's Bay hospital last Wednesday because of an infection from a recent bowel operation.

Her son Scott said the hospital in Barry's Bay asked Ornge to take her to Ottawa for treatment.

The hospital arranged for a land ambulance after being told Ornge couldn't send an air ambulance, but Ornge insisted the patient was theirs.

Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees said Dearman was conscious when the call was made but slipped into a coma by the time she reached Ottawa General. She died on Friday, shortly after her son arrived from Victoria.

"This should never happen," said Klees.

Health Minister Deb Matthews said she's looking into the incident and cautioned Klees not to rush to judgment before the facts are known.

It's the second death involving an Ornge call in a week.

Last week the air ambulance service was asked to respond to the crash between a cube van and a dump truck near Stouffville. No chopper was available and the driver died later that morning in hospital.