05/16/2012 10:11 EDT | Updated 07/16/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C. minister denounces 'ignorant' Mulcair remarks

B.C. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon is taking aim at federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, accusing him of making “ignorant comments” about the economy of Western Canada.

Mulcair said last week that oil exports are inflating the dollar and hurting Canada's manufacturing sector and exports.

On Wednesday, provincial Finance Minister Kevin Falcon joined the rebuttal, saying he was amazed by Mulcair's comments, and then tried to draw B.C.’s NDP leader into the fray.

"I would hope it would be disavowed immediately by Adrian Dix, because I can tell you, he should not be associating himself with those kind of ignorant comments," Falcon said.

But Dix refused to condemn his federal counterpart.

"What I say is — and I agree with the B.C. Ministry of Finance on this — is that there is a serious concern for the B.C. economy when the dollar rises in the way it has," Dix said.

Dix said Mulcair is simply repeating what economists have said for years.

Beyond that, he says he doesn't want to get into any name calling.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark commented on Mulcair's views on the weekend, calling them “goofy.”

In a National Post newspaper article Tuesday, Mulcair dismissed the reactions of Clark and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, calling them Prime Minister Harper's “messengers.”

Wall, in turn, dismissed Mulcair's assertions, saying Canada's resource boom benefits the whole country.