Saskatoon Red Light District: City Considering Idea, But Councillor Darren Hill Says Not In His Riding

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SASKATOON - If Saskatoon city council ends up approving a kind of red-light district zoned for adult services, Coun. Darren Hill says he doesn't want it to be in his Sutherland constituency.

The municipal planning commission has reviewed a proposal and has identified light industrial areas as a good place for a concentration of these services.

Hill says he doesn't have a problem with zoning for a red-light district, but feels Sutherland is too close to residential neighbourhoods.

Currently in Hill's ward, there is one massage parlour in a light industrial area and he said in five-and-a-half-years there hasn't been a complaint.

On the other hand, there are two in a commercial area that is a few blocks from a residential area and he has received numerous complaints on both of those locations.

He says there have been stories of prostitutes jumping into the passenger seat of a resident who is just trying to head to work in the morning, or men being solicited in their own driveways.

Hill suggests such a zone be created in the city's north end, far removed from any residential neighbourhoods.


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