05/20/2012 08:16 EDT | Updated 07/20/2012 05:12 EDT

Car crashes into busy Calgary Starbucks

People enjoying a coffee break at a Calgary Starbucks this afternoon got more of a jolt than they intended when a car crashed through the wall of the Glenmore Landing building and into the middle of the store.

Witnesses say a female driver ran a Honda Civic right into the shop, going over the curb and sidewalk, and continuing into the building.

Jilian Dietrich was having coffee with a friend when the car came through the wall and hit her chair.

“All of the sudden, I just hear this crash and it was the glass falling but I had no idea what was going on. And then my chair just started moving forward.”

Dietrich and her friend were covered in glass and shaken up, but unharmed.

The coffee shop was filled with nearly 20 customers and staff at the time, though no one was sitting directly on the other side of the wall.

Fire department district chief Geoff Thornley said it's fortunate no one was hurt.

“But everybody did scatter out the door pretty quickly. If there would have been tables in front of where she went into the building, we could have had some serious injuries here."

The driver remained on scene, and stayed in the car until emergency crews arrived.

It's not known yet why she drove into the building.